Intercourse tasks and danger – Sexual health information

Intercourse tasks and danger – Sexual health information

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Learn about the risks to getting a intimately transmitted illness (sti) from various sexual activities.

In just about any full situation, condoms can help protect you from this danger. Find out about the potential risks related to different activities that are sexual.

Vaginal sex that is penetrative

This is certainly whenever a person’s penis gets in a lady’s vagina.

If a condom just isn’t utilized, there is a chance of maternity and getting or passing on STIs, including:

Infections could be handed down regardless if your penis does not fully go into the vagina or the guy does not ejaculate (come). It is because infections may be contained in pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-come).

Also insertion that is shallow of penis to the vagina (sometimes called dipping) holds risks for both lovers. Making use of a condom might help drive back infections.

Preventing pregnancy

There are numerous types of contraception to stop maternity, like the contraceptive area, contraceptive implant and combined capsule.

Keep in mind utilizing condoms may be the only way of contraception that protects against both maternity and STIs, so always utilize a condom as well as your plumped for way of contraception. Continue reading “Intercourse tasks and danger – Sexual health information”