Jewish Wedding Traditions in Joyful and Romantic Photos

Jewish Wedding Traditions in Joyful and Romantic Photos

Today marks the 3 thirty days anniversary of our epic wedding (marriage happens to be beautiful up to now, thank you for asking!), therefore why don’t we commemorate it with your final wedding article: an entertaining yet educational piece with the last pictures from our nuptials to illustrate the glorious traditions of the Jewish wedding.

The Bride and Groom (us!) sign the Ketubah: a Jewish wedding contract before the wedding ceremony.

The Ketubah could be the sacred Jewish wedding agreement, and Colin and I also finalized it within an intimate room prior to the real wedding service. A Ketubah is usually artfully decorated (can you notice just just how pretty ours is?) and certainly will be independently commissioned by an musician, or purchased from a website like (really, a niche site of the true title exists) where we got ours.

What’s therefore wonderful about a Ketubah is with language fitting to your type of marriage that you can customize it. You can easily choose extremely conventional (borderline sexist) language, or get the reverse extreme and get a wildly hippie Ketubah which declares, “Our wedding paints sparkling streaks of love to the world!”

Our marriage party admiring the ornate Ketubah given that Cantor tells the tale behind it.

Colin and I also decided to go with a middle that is delightful for asian mail order brides the marriage agreement, plus the primary text of y our Ketubah (which now hangs above our fireplace) checks out:

“ We pledge to nurture, trust and respect each other throughout our wedded life together. We will be available and truthful, understanding and accepting, loving and forgiving, and devoted one to the other. We vow to operate together to create a harmonious relationship of equality.

we will respect each other’s uniqueness and help each other grow to your fullest potential. Continue reading “Jewish Wedding Traditions in Joyful and Romantic Photos”